Health Tracker Tool

Health Tracker Tool
Client: Corporate Wellness by Gold’s Gym

Project Date: 2012-Present

Technologies Used:
PHP, Adobe PhotoShop, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, WordPress

Gold’s Gym of Utah created a fantastic Corporate Wellness program to allow employers to invest in their employee’s health. This program included regular one-on-one sessions with qualified health coaches, and could help decrease health insurance rates. All that was missing was a software solution to help both the employees and the health coaches keep track of helpful metrics between visits. Enter the HealthTrackerTool.

This web based portal allows health coaches to keep a HIPAA compliant log of their meetings, plot weight loss or blood pressure over time, and get an up to date report of actual gym attendance. Employees can log in to schedule meetings with their health coach, complete a physical aptitude readiness quiz, or fill out a daily tracking journal to identify patterns in things like eating habits, stimulant use, sleep cycles, or energy levels.

Gold’s Gym of Utah was acquired by VASA Fitness in 2014, and the HealthTrackerTool remains one of their major assets in Corporate Wellness programs.