08 Jun 2013

Getting Facebook comment count within WordPress

I’ve been working with the Facebook Comment integration into WordPress lately. Mostly because it can help cut down on spam, but also because of the grammer checker and social media benefit. I couldn’t really find a good solution online for pulling the number of comments on any given post, so here is what I ended […]

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18 Jan 2013

Don’t Track Analytics for Admins

I often run into situations where I am editing a site, or checking my pages, but do not want to count the time i spend on my own site to count towards my Analytics Tracking. To fix this, I only display my analytics code when the user is not logged in, or is logged in […]

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24 Jul 2011

Shortcode to hide content from users that aren’t logged in

A common issue many beginner WordPress users run into is blocking certain content from users that aren’t registered or logged in. Here is a short, simple solution in the form of a shortcode. Any content between the code block will only be output if the user has registered and logged in to their account. You can […]

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06 Jul 2011

WordPress Plugin Development for Beginners

The power of WordPress is its ability to be customized and expand the core functionality using plugins. Plugins utilize PHP as well as the default functions, hooks, filters, and actions that are shipped with WordPress. We’ll cover the basics of writing our own WordPress plugins from scratch, but I’m assuming you already understand the basics […]

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09 Mar 2011

Updating WordPress Posts and Pages with CTRL+S

I spend a lot of time coding. a lot. So much so, that when I write posts and pages on my WordPress sites and go to save it, I hit Ctrl+S (Cmd+S on Mac), which is the short-key to save in pretty much any program ever made. It can get frustrating to save and have […]

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14 Dec 2010

Using WordPress MShots

With WordPress blog sites, you can either host your own via’s downloadable WP scripts, or host with There’s usually not much of a difference between the two, although most of the time hosting your own site will give you more control over what happens behind the scenes. There are the occasional benefits of […]

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