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Reign Lilikoi Lychee
Honma TR21
Reign White Gummy Bear
El Pollo Loco Drive Through Portraits
Astroglide Oddly Satisfying


Mike Payne Headshot

Mike Payne

Punk. Pianist. Painter. Black Belt. Full-Stack Web Dev. Sailor. Jedi. Animator. Glass Blower. UV Wrapper. Barista. Sculptor. Doodler. Oenophile. SysAdmin. Skater. Web Designer. Cheese-Griller.

What could I be for you?


Creative Technologist (2017-Present)

Hybrid of Art Director and Developer, bringing a deep understanding of the digital space. I now work on a wide array or projects from Animation and Motion Graphics to 3D product renderings and VR/AR.

Art+War Agency

Development Manager (2014-2017)

More than an agency. A school of thought. We are a team born of the recognition that marketing is the intersection of Art and War. We believe too many have forgotten we are all born creative and triumph in business demands not only our grit but also our inspiration and passion. Likewise, we must acknowledge brands are playing to win and market share will not be freely given. It must be claimed.

Jane Nutrition

Owner (2013-2017)

Small Nutrition Company focused on providing female athlete with pre/post workout supplements, without the need for gratuitious bikini shots. Real Nutrition for Real Athletes.

Punchline Advertising

Partner, CTO (2011-2014)

Punchline Advertising was a full service advertising agency in Salt Lake City, Utah. We did a large amount of traditional media such as print, radio, television, etc. and also acted as a premier WordPress consulting partner.


Website Marketing Developer (2010-2011)

Developed proprietary, scalable website marketing applications to largely increase online presence of SMBs. Integrate cutting edge SEO tactics and social media strategies to optimize conversion rates of online marketing landing pages.


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    REIGN - Lilikoi Lychee

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    Honma - TR21

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    REIGN - White Gummy Bear

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    El Pollo Loco - Drive Through Portraits

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    Astroglide - Oddly Satisfying

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