WordCamp SLC 2011 Review

06 Oct 2011

WordCamp SLC 2011 Review

I had the great opportunity to speak at this years WordCamp SLC over the weekend. If you haven’t been to a WordCamp, it is a conference where a bunch of WordPress experts get together and share their knowledge and experiences with the open source platform. If you have been to a WordCamp, then it is the same thing :)

Despite the initial technical difficulties I had, my presentation went pretty well. The last few companies I’ve worked at have been in the SEO industry, which makes it kind of hard not to pick up on some Search Engine Marketing best practices. Through my years as a website designer and developer, I’ve noticed a really common trend: people don’t plan ahead. Small companies will launch a site, and at no point does their consultant mention SEO. The site will go live for several months before they realize they aren’t getting traffic!

If you have the highest converting website in the world, you still won’t get any leads or sales from it if no one knows it is there. Search Engine Optimization helps by pushing your site in front of potential visitors that are looking for your content. Even if you don’t have a link building strategy, you should still build your sites with SEO in mind, and put those onpage best practices on your site before “launching” it to the rest of the world.

The sooner you have strong SEO on your site, the sooner that organization and structure will boost your potential ranking. I covered a lot more about keyword research, ideal placement, validating code, optimizing speed and page structure, etc. Here is my presentation slides for you to mosey through, and the sites and resources I included are really handy.

[prezi id=’tyvyvacil31l’]


I wasn’t the only speaker though! Thom Allen, Joseph Scott, Adam Dunford, Chris Reynolds,Pete Davies, and a lot of other really intelligent local voices spoke out on their field of expertise. Thanks to everyone who came and interacted during my presentation. This is an annual event that takes place across the world, so check it out in your local area atWordCamp.org.

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